How Aisle411 Enhances In-Stores Shopping Experiences with Indoor Navigation Services

by on 27. Feb '15 in Marketing & Sales

As we continue to stroll down another aisle on our trip down AR in retail month, shelved with innovative opportunities galore, we’ll dive into another […]

Why Virtual Try-On is the Next Big Thing in Retail

by on 23. Feb '15 in Marketing & Sales

Virtual try-on is going to be one of the three biggest innovations in retail. But what exactly is virtual try-on and how can retailers benefit […]

Retail Innovations in the US

by on 18. Feb '15 in Marketing & Sales

Retail is a major market within the United States. With over $4.5 trillion in sales in 2013, and growing eCommerce and brick-and-mortar store profits, it’s […]

Metaio Reveals Retailer’s AR Advantage with Product Recognition

by on 17. Feb '15 in Marketing & Sales

Image recognition is one of Metaio’s core technologies which offers retailers a complete new approach in reaching out to customers. Using shopping scanners via mobile […]

Tesco’s Digital Journey to Outside the Store

by on 16. Feb '15 in Marketing & Sales

For this retail month we’ll be exploring how the world’s second largest retailer, Tesco, has been using digital technology to stay successful in an ever […]

Traditional and Internet Retailers Facing Off in Augmented Reality

by on 12. Feb '15 in Marketing & Sales

For years now, traditional brick-and-mortar retailers have battled the new breed of internet-based retailers. Increased consumer acceptance of online purchases coupled with steady improvements to […]

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