Join us for the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and win a ticket!

by on 03. Feb '15 in Events

2015 Mobile World Congress is just around the corner and we are excited to be there yet again! In the meantime, we are preparing thrilling […]

The Smithsonian Brings History to Life with Augmented Reality

by on 27. Jan '15 in Education & Entertainment

The Smithsonian Museum of Natural History is bringing skeletons back to life! More specifically, back to life with Augmented Reality. We got a chance to […]

Microsoft Joins the AR Community with the ‘HoloLens’

by on 23. Jan '15 in Computer Vision

Microsoft has officially joined the Augmented Reality headset space along with Epson, ODG, Sony, Toshiba, and Google with the release of the HoloLens – an […]

Transhuman Collective Augmented Showreel

by on 20. Jan '15 in Miscellaneous

Metaio certified developer, Transhuman Collective, shows off their coolest Augmented Reality experiences with their new showreel. The last time we caught up with Transhuman Collective, […]

AR for Beginners – What is Augmented Reality?

by on 16. Jan '15 in Computer Vision

With the tech industry turning more eyes to Augmented Reality as a hot topic, we’d decided to take some time and provide a thorough look […]

The Ghosts of World War I: Loughborough Junction’s Past

by on 15. Jan '15 in Junaio

About 100 years ago, World War I ripped through humanity with its cruelty, sorrow and grief. Today, our lives leave little room to imagine how […]

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