Window to the World – An ART and Metaio Solution

by on 12. Mar '15 in Industry

Window to the World has always been a one of our favorite projects to showcase. We’ve updated this case study to provide more information on […]

10 Reasons Why AR Will Revolutionize Retail

by on 05. Mar '15 in Marketing & Sales

Over the course of this exciting retail month, we have covered many ways AR technology can revolutionize and enhance the retail industry. Since we’re getting […]

Metaio in 2015: An Interview with CEO Thomas Alt

by on 04. Mar '15 in AR General

With an exciting year behind us, I took some time to sit down with Metaio CEO, Dr. Thomas Alt, and talk about Augmented Reality and […]

3 Free Retail Solutions with Junaio

by on 02. Mar '15 in Junaio

Even though we’ve got all these new and innovative technologies at our fingertips, they still seem out of reach for smaller companies with limited marketing […]

How Aisle411 Enhances In-Stores Shopping Experiences with Indoor Navigation Services

by on 27. Feb '15 in Marketing & Sales

As we continue to stroll down another aisle on our trip down AR in retail month, shelved with innovative opportunities galore, we’ll dive into another […]

Why Virtual Try-On is the Next Big Thing in Retail

by on 23. Feb '15 in Marketing & Sales

Virtual try-on is going to be one of the three biggest innovations in retail. But what exactly is virtual try-on and how can retailers benefit […]

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