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Metaio’s service applications for warehouse workers on BBC Click

written by Anett Gläsel-Maslov in Miscellaneous on 29. Apr '14

BBC Click, 

Screen shot 2013-09-30 at 10.26.14 AMThe order picking process in a warehouse is THE central function for online commerce and has significant influence on a satisfying distribution, customer satisfaction and ultimately on reduction of expenses. Wearable augmented reality is a fantastic solution for picking process issues. The superimposition of virtual data onto a real warehouse environment via heads-up displays like Google Glass, Vuzix or Epson glasses worn by the employees will reduce time and costs for the company. Metaio has explored the development of Augmented Reality for warehousing, combining visual search, Metaio tracking technology, data superimposition, and a powerful cloud backend that can support this process progressively.


Mistakes are mostly the result of human error or an inefficient system, and lead to more time expenditure, higher costs in commissioning, less customer satisfaction or, in the worst case, a loss of significant buyers. Read more about this in our blogpost “An SAP Warehouse Concept for Error Detection in Warehouse Picking Processes“.

BBC Click visited us this January and tested our service applications for Google Glass™. And finally you can watch the video here starting from minute 16:16.

Thanks again to the FML Lehrstuhl from the TU Munich for giving us access to their warehouse!

Glass is a trademark of Google Inc.

Anett Gläsel-Maslov

Anett Gläsel-Maslov
Senior Manager PR & Social Media EMEA at Metaio in Munich. /// Anett came to Metaio with the vision to bring the fascination of Augmented Reality to everyone. As a PR Manager it could be possible - first thought, still her incentive every day. What really amazes her is the possibility of the AR technology to change lives. In an entertaining but much more in a really helpful way: The day when Augmented Reality will be an established and intelligent assistance for medical treatments and a reliable source and companion for our daily routine, will be the day when she will sit down and has to define another ‘Mission Possible’ for herself.

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