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Augmented 3-D Partners: CGTrader and Flat Pyramid

written by Adrian Plata in AR General on 20. Dec '13

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Metaio is incredibly excited to announce the latest additions to our content partners: CGTrader and Flat Pyramid.


The ninth wonder of the universe!

CGTrader is a 3-D model marketplace for artists and designers. With a library of over 16,000 models from thousands of designers, the marketplace can provide high-quality, affordable 3-D assets for all your augmented reality ideas.

CGTrader was developed by 3-D designers for 3-D designers. Whether you want to buy or sell, download for free, or print (yes, 3-D printer ready) a model, CGTrader has several portals to browse through with weekly challenges to encourage active designers to create more content. They’ve kindly provided this elephant, a large man, and a historic village perfect for augmented reality.

cg-trader logo

Flat Pyramid

We have to get to Berlin!

Flat Pyramid is a crowd sourced marketplace for Mobile & Augmented Reality ready 3-D Models with an extensive 3-D model library that includes thousands of products spread across several categories (e.g. vehicles, architecture, characters, electronics, etc.) and growing.

Flat Pyramid helps augmented reality application developers, 3-D artist and AR mobile apps/games creators save time and money by providing stock and custom Augmented Reality & mobile ready 3-D models in the proper file formats (obj, dae, fbx, fp3d, etc.). They also provide their own 3-D model online viewer so you can check out models straight from your browser. We have a BSA Bantam D1 1948 motorcycle, Voisin V955 aircraft, and a couple of wine glasses here for your 3-D modeling pleasure.


Both CGTrader and Flat Pyramid have been added to our new Content Partners page and we’re incredibly excited to have them with us. Be sure to check out their respective websites for a vast array of augmented reality 3-D content and the links above for models that have been specifically optimized for the Metaio platform.


Adrian Plata
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