Toshiba & Concepteers Augment Living Rooms

written by Jack Dashwood in AR General on 07. May '13

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Meanwhile, in Germany.

Metaio and Junaio partner Concepteers GmbH has released yet another very cool project. This time, they worked with Toshiba Germany to place Toshiba products directly into the mobile user’s living room using Augmented Reality. Or office, or car, or basically anywhere you could use a phone!

The Toshiba Digital Living Room app works together with Toshiba’s Product Catalog to allow mobile users in the DACH region to visualize reduced-scale products like  L4, M6, L7, M8 and M9 Televisons or the Qosmio X870, Satellite P870 and Satellite U920t notebooks.

Michael Mathieu, Managing Director of Concepteers, says: “We went with Metaio as the AR provider since it is widespread and offers an advanced AR feature set that allows us to develop the best possible AR experience for our customers.”

Concepteers is a valued partner of Metaio, and continues to deliver amazing augmented reality projects with our technology. Check them out on Facebook or visit their website to learn more about the company and the projects they release.

The app is available today for both Google Play and iOS devices. You can visit Toshiba’s website to learn more about the augmented reality app at or just scan this convenient QR code with your device (hopefully using Junaio!) to be directed automatically to the experience.


Jack Dashwood
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