Metaio welcomes the New Year with New Augmented Reality Products, Services

written by Jack Dashwood in AR General on 22. Jan '13

A New Year with Exciting New Opportunities for Metaio

Dear friends,The New Year started with a great buzz around Augmented Reality. Our inspiring and innovative technology is no longer the future – it is the present. Metaio believes 2013 will be a big year for the Augmented Reality industry. For the new year, we are in the midst of preparing all new advances and improvements for our software and technology for the coming months.

2013 began at the tail end of significant media attention for Metaio due to our brand new products and services that we released near the end of 2012. Check out the leading news about Augmented Reality and Metaio:

  • 5 reasons to get excited about Augmented Reality in 2013: Augmented reality may seem like a futuristic concept, but it will be a reality of our digital lives in 2013. AR is a new technology that blurs the line between what’s real and what’s computer generated by enhancing what we hear, see and feel. In his guest post in VentureBeat, Metaio’s Trak Lord predicts AR will be everywhere.
  • 5 common Augmented Reality mistakes: There is no doubt Augmented Reality has made a name for itself in the mobile space, with marketers lining up to incorporate the technology into new and existing campaigns. Companies are however still learning, through constant trial and error (much to the chagrin of the user).
  • 7 ways Augmented Reality will improve your world: You might think Augmented Reality is science fiction, but it has its roots in the 20th century. Morton Heilig, the “Father of Virtual Reality”, patented the Sensorama Stimulator, which he called an “experience theater”, on Aug. 28, 1962. Over time, the idea of using technology to create a layer over the real world has been honed and refined and put in our hands, thanks to the proliferation of smartphones.

2013 is the year of large-scale AR Projects

The Kimberly-Clark Corporation has released an interactive Augmented Reality and 3-D mobile app that focuses on making the potty training process more enjoyable for parents and their children. Designed to be a reward for diligent children, the app contains a variety of 3-D augmented experiences that parents can launch for each successful “flush”. More flushes unlock more content, including interactive games featuring beloved Disney characters like Mickey Mouse and Rapunzel. Metaio worked with Kimberly-Clark and Organic Inc. to bring this great project to the consumers and parents. Check out the video to see the new Big Kid App in action.

Metaio joins Mobile World Congress 2013 in Barcelona

Join us this February at the biggest event for mobile technology in 2013. Explore with us the directions in which the mobile ecosystem will expand in the near and distant future. Join our booth at Hall 8.1 (App Planet) and discover the newest projects that are in production in the Metaio’s Labs. Our team will be showcasing cutting-edge demos, and will be more than happy to talk as much Augmented Reality as you want. Learn more about Metaio’s presence at MWC here.

All New Webpage – All New Career Opportunities

As the global leader in the field of Augmented Reality, Metaio is a fast growing technology company located in Munich and San Francisco. Our software and solutions are used by more than 30,000 professionals including a strong user base in the development, creative and engineering space. Today Metaio’s AR technology is helping brands and businesses all around the world to bring digital experiences and educational tools to over 30 million consumers. We have recently updated our website – check it out: Our company was founded in February 2003 and currently employs more than 90+ multinational, multi-disciplinary backgrounds. Check out our open job positions and internships and join the most exciting growing technology company in the world.


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