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written by Jack Dashwood in Marketing & Sales on 10. Dec '12

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MUNICH & SAN FRANCISCO, 10 DECEMBER 2012: Metaio, the world leader in augmented reality (AR) software and solutions today released the latest version of its Metaio Creator, the only commercially available drag-and-drop design software, now with the ability to manage content directly from the cloud.

“People aren’t necessarily experts in Augmented Reality yet,” said Peter Meier, Metaio CTO. “The Metaio Creator makes it easy for them to not only launch an experience but also to scale their content – massively, through simple cloud content management.”

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Introducing the new Metaio Creator

Now fully integrated with the Metaio Cloud

Create Augmented Reality experiences in minutes

The Metaio Creator is the only augmented reality content management tool available. If you use augmented reality content now or plan to make an augmented reality app, this is the best solution possible. Drag and drop to augment content in just minutes, and manage that same content through the Metaio Cloud without ever having to submit an app update. If you’re starting fresh, you can even build the actual app interface – without any coding or programming required.

There are over 15 Million magazines delivered every month with fresh augmented reality content. Each month, those publishers easily swap the content out for the next issue or campaign without ever having to resubmit a mobile application. Recently the Metaio Creator and cloud were used in over 200 million innovative product catalogs, each containing more than 40 instances of augmented reality experiences, all in an app smaller than 7 megabytes.

Publishers, Designers, Brands and Agencies don’t always have access to Augmented Reality developers. This tool allows them to easily integrate and manage augmented reality content in their mobile ecosystems.Learn more and download the free version today for Windows PC or Mac OS X.

Learn all about this amazing new service:

In addition to augmenting magazines, catalogs and other print media, the Metaio Creator is ready to augment entire objects and environments, just like in popular science fiction movies like Minority Report or Avatar. Advanced users can import point clouds and SLAM maps just like any other asset, and drag and drop the augmentations just as easily.

Now available for PC and OS X 10.7 and later.

Download the free version of the Metaio Creator today at and start building your first augmented reality experience!


Jack Dashwood
Jack knew that he was interested in Augmented Reality ever since he learned how to read at age 25. Fast forward and Jack now works at the center of the universe when it comes to AR: the offices of Metaio. How did he wind up here? We don’t know, but we have yet to find a legitimate excuse to get rid of him. In the meantime we let him work on the blog and run the Metaio US PR operations. When not talking and writing about AR technology, he can usually be found augmenting his reality by more traditional means down the local pub.

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