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written by Jack Dashwood in AR Weekly Update on 17. Sep '12

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metaio | junaio recap

Galileo, popular ProSeiben network show, did a feature on Metaio and Augmented Reality [video]

New Tutorial video for junaio for non-programmers [video]

Augmented Reality Interface for Spatial Anatomical Education [blog]

Diego and Dario in Augmented Reality at insideAR 2012 [blog]


upcoming events 

insideAR, Oct 1-2 in Munich will feature speakers from Lego and Ikea, among numerous others – register today and don’t miss this exciting augmented reality event [newsletter]

In case you’re curious about the culture of the Oktoberfest, check out the full version of the infographic above [right here]

Trak Lord will be delivering the keynote presentation for the mobile developer M3 Conference, Oct 25-26, Columbus, OH [event site]

Metaio will be presenting at the upcoming Connected Enterprise event in Dana Point, California Nov 9-11 [event site]

Our CFO Andreas Wiedmann will be presenting at TOC Frankfurt on “Innovations in Sales and Marketing”, October 9 (“TOCPartner20TSpeaker” for 20% off registration [event site]

The largest Augmented Reality Event in Canada, OARN is a can’t miss for the industry- Oct 5-6, Toronto (get $25 off admission with discount code METAIOSAVE25)  [event site]


there are things that are happening

Google’s Project: Glass made a surprising appearance on the runway during New York’s Fashion Week, with Diane Von Furstenberg, of all people [article]

UK company’s augmented reality glasses could be better than Google’s [article]

There’s a new iPhone 5 and it’s selling like hotcakes [article]


pick of the week: iPhone 5 Parody

“Vice President: Thickness”


Jack Dashwood
Jack knew that he was interested in Augmented Reality ever since he learned how to read at age 25. Fast forward and Jack now works at the center of the universe when it comes to AR: the offices of Metaio. How did he wind up here? We don’t know, but we have yet to find a legitimate excuse to get rid of him. In the meantime we let him work on the blog and run the Metaio US PR operations. When not talking and writing about AR technology, he can usually be found augmenting his reality by more traditional means down the local pub.

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