Go Green with Augmented Reality

written by Jack Dashwood in Junaio on 05. Aug '11

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Today was the public release for the mobile app of the Green Party of Berlin and their election campaign. With the app you can actively participate in the real public space by posting or interacting with others on topics of interest, such as payable living space, education, energy consumption or production and public transport.  By placing a virtual POI you can express your needs or thoughts in the real world. All off this nicely embedded into the campaign framework of the green Party named “Da müssen wir ran” what could be translated as: “we have to tackle this.” The second function brings the billboards to live, when scanning one of them you can see a video of the election candidate referring to the topic. A truly interactive and integrated campaign! The Augmented Reality features are powered by the junaio Plug-In and the content will be available on junaio itself starting on Monday. Here`s a video of the political participation function:

And here´s the “speaking billboards”:

Have a nice weekend and maybe you would like to think about where you could go green in your life or what changes in your neighborhood could help make life more sustainable and worth living…

Credits: Concept by Zum goldenen Hirschen and Nest. Design by 10hoch16. And App development from Wonderkind.


Jack Dashwood
Jack knew that he was interested in Augmented Reality ever since he learned how to read at age 25. Fast forward and Jack now works at the center of the universe when it comes to AR: the offices of Metaio. How did he wind up here? We don’t know, but we have yet to find a legitimate excuse to get rid of him. In the meantime we let him work on the blog and run the Metaio US PR operations. When not talking and writing about AR technology, he can usually be found augmenting his reality by more traditional means down the local pub.

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    Great work – we love it

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    Total game changer

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