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Try Out the Mobile AR Special of SZ Magazine

written by Jack Dashwood in Junaio on 26. Aug '10

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SZ Magazin 

Due to the tremendous feedback and many requests in my inbox, the folks from Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin allowed me to share the augmented content with you. So below you can find an image gallery with the editorial content functioning as the optical reference for the experiences. I kindly ask you to print them and create a little dummy of the magazine. The instructions to see the magazine pages come to life are: download the free AR browser junaio to your iPhone 3GS (or higher) with an update to the iOS 4.0 or your Android smartphone. Please allow the phone to use your location. Then go to “channels” in the upper right corner and look for the “Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin” Channel in the categories “New” or “Featured”. Once you activated it, point your phone`s camera to the pages and let the magic happen…


Jack Dashwood
Jack knew that he was interested in Augmented Reality ever since he learned how to read at age 25. Fast forward and Jack now works at the center of the universe when it comes to AR: the offices of Metaio. How did he wind up here? We don’t know, but we have yet to find a legitimate excuse to get rid of him. In the meantime we let him work on the blog and run the Metaio US PR operations. When not talking and writing about AR technology, he can usually be found augmenting his reality by more traditional means down the local pub.

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