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written by Jack Dashwood in Miscellaneous on 27. Apr '09

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marco tempest 

Marco just sent me his augmented reality card trick movie and I immediately had to cover it. I think he did a great job. Exactly that is what I mean, when talking about ideas in 2009 and following. These days you will not develop the wheel or be the first to cook a meal with fire, but you can combine existing things in a new way. The augmented card trick is an invention and I am sure when it is implemented into the fascinating (commercial) show programme it will become an innovation, proven through market entry. And this is not magic, this is inventive talent.


Jack Dashwood
Jack knew that he was interested in Augmented Reality ever since he learned how to read at age 25. Fast forward and Jack now works at the center of the universe when it comes to AR: the offices of Metaio. How did he wind up here? We don’t know, but we have yet to find a legitimate excuse to get rid of him. In the meantime we let him work on the blog and run the Metaio US PR operations. When not talking and writing about AR technology, he can usually be found augmenting his reality by more traditional means down the local pub.

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  1. that is fucking dope

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  4. augmentedblog

    Not that somebody gets this or me wrong: we are talking about “1.0” and of course some post production magic… It´s a concept!

  5. @augmentedblog,

    there’s no post production :-)

    (I was a software developer for this)

    some behind the scenes software shots:

    and a how it’s done video coming shortly to show that it’s all working in realtime, etc.

    take care!!

    1. augmentedblog

      Hey Zach, thanks. So, did you use some “green screen” technique (the mat) to track the hands move? Obviously there are no trigger points or something. Would love to read your system set-up…

      And Sorry for my faux-pas. Lucky us we are operating with read-write media :)

  6. freedimensional

    I am releasing a series of blog posts about AR that you might be interested in – – would love your feedback

    1. augmentedblog

      Hello Tom, I am looking forward to your series. I am very curious about your findings and will try to enter the – hopefully prolific – discussion.

      Best regards,


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