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Why Virtual Try-On is the Next Big Thing in Retail

by on 23. Feb '15 in Marketing & Sales

Virtual try-on is going to be one of the three biggest innovations in retail. But what exactly is virtual try-on and how can retailers benefit […]

Retail Innovations in the US

by on 18. Feb '15 in Marketing & Sales

Retail is a major market within the United States. With over $4.5 trillion in sales in 2013, and growing eCommerce and brick-and-mortar store profits, it’s […]

Metaio Reveals Retailer’s AR Advantage with Product Recognition

by on 17. Feb '15 in Marketing & Sales

Image recognition is one of Metaio’s core technologies which offers retailers a complete new approach in reaching out to customers. Using shopping scanners via mobile […]

Tesco’s Digital Journey to Outside the Store

by on 16. Feb '15 in Marketing & Sales

For this retail month we’ll be exploring how the world’s second largest retailer, Tesco, has been using digital technology to stay successful in an ever […]

Traditional and Internet Retailers Facing Off in Augmented Reality

by on 12. Feb '15 in Marketing & Sales

For years now, traditional brick-and-mortar retailers have battled the new breed of internet-based retailers. Increased consumer acceptance of online purchases coupled with steady improvements to […]

Metaio Joins Autodesk for REAL 2015

by on 12. Feb '15 in Events

Metaio teams up with Autodesk for the first ever REAL Summit in San Francisco  Autodesk, the world leader in just about everything 3D has recently […]

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