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Leeds College of Music Educates Students with Junaio

by on 24. Apr '15 in Junaio

We’re always over the moon, fueled with excitement, and thrilled when we see AR applications outside the realm of marketing and advertising. AR’s role in […]

How Augmented Reality Became Disruptive

by on 23. Apr '15 in AR General

It is apparent that the writers and visionaries of the past who envisioned an entirely augmented world now have incredibly firm ground to stand on. […]

InsideAR Speaker Spotlight: Daniel Newman from BroadSuite

by on 22. Apr '15 in Events

Over the past 3 years Daniel has been recognized by some of the world most recognized media outlets and brands as a top influencer in […]

Augmented Reality by Metaio for FARO – a complete solution for the industrial field

by on 22. Apr '15 in Events

Different industries, including the automotive and mechanical engineering sectors, can benefit from Augmented Reality. The technology enriches a user’s view of a real assembly part […]

New Level Unlocked: The State of Augmented Reality Gaming

by on 21. Apr '15 in Education & Entertainment

Is Augmented Reality Gaming Ready for the Big Time? When the topic of Augmented Reality comes up (which is quite often these days) a topic […]

InsideAR San Francisco Speaker Spotlight: Corey King from ZenFri

by on 20. Apr '15 in Events

Each week we’re presenting some of our prized speakers to you, to give you a better idea who they are and what they are going […]

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