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I Used a Fire Phone for 1 month and saved $42.40

by on 26. Mar '15 in Miscellaneous

In mid-2014 Amazon launched their first ever smartphone. While not Amazon’s first foray into mobile devices (Kindle readers, Tablets), their entrance into the crowded and […]

How to Make Dinosaurs Come Alive with a RAWR!

by on 26. Mar '15 in Junaio

Do you remember our A-R for kids competition? Well, it’s been a little while, but now we can show you a new, stunning example of […]

InsideAR San Francisco Speaker Spotlight: Dr. Parham Aarabi from ModiFace

by on 25. Mar '15 in Events

InsideAR San Francisco is coming up in two months and we’re making sure to gather the best experts from the A-R industry for our conference […]

Madcap and Metaio Team Up for Augmented Reality Documentation

by on 24. Mar '15 in Industry

Madcap Announces Augmented Reality Support in Flagship Product: Flare 11 For the average consumer, the ubiquitous user manual is something that more often than not […]

A Must-Have for Traveling Abroad: Junaio’s Currency Converter Channel

by on 18. Mar '15 in Junaio

We’ve all been there. You’re vacationing in a foreign country and decide to go on a shopping spree at a farmers’ market or a huge […]

3 Reasons to Get Pumped for InsideAR San Francisco

by on 13. Mar '15 in Events

With less than two months to go before the debut of InsideAR in San Francisco (May 20th/21st), it becomes even easier to sense the energy […]

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